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even though I even have many totally completely different pencils and different very very little tools for my graphite drawings there ar undoubtedly a few of things that i'd take into account must-haves for any C creator and today i need to be showing those things to you and talking about how and once I use them so that you'll be able to make the most of your kind of supplies to urge the best carbon drawings that you simply can my 1st must-have tool that i actually advocate you guys seek may be a mechanical pencil then the one that i use is that the Fabri Castilla one it is a naught point 5 mil barrel and this is often just therefore good i love mechanical pencils for the small print and for the fact that they don't break you recognize you do not got to sharpen them and subsume the LEDs breaking perpetually you can buy the LEDs they refills thus you'll bind little boxes of them and that they simply last you such an extended time there's less wastage compared to traditional pencils where they break if you sharpen them and i just favourite the main points that you can get with these you'll get really fine details as you'll see here you'll be able to get different variations of like grades you can apply a bit less pressure and obtain thusme lighter tones therefore you'll be able to get a range of values with just one mechanical pencil and i like it for the sketch outlines in addition thus i use it for sketch outlines and to add the primary form of layers of detail my second tool that i like to use is simply a darker graphite pencil so i feel it's so necessary with graphite drawings that you just do have many different values few different grades of graphite so I do like to use a 4b pencil at intervals my type of drawing so I do like to take off with my mechanical pencil so i go in and that i add some darker shadows to get some distinction in

the piece I find that plenty of beginners just get into with a haemoprotein pencil all of the way through their drawing and they do not use totally different grades whereveras whereas it's extremely necessary to urge in those darker shadows my third tool could be a mixing stump i like mixing stumps to mix the black lead pencil they are particular they're very low cost extremely affordable and i just find that they provide you actually nice swish values and they simply facilitate get obviate all of the coarseness in your drawing if you would like to examine some other ways that i prefer to mix carbon pencil then i will link a card up above where i'm going through 4 alternative ways that you simply guys will mix your atomic number 6 but as you can see it's just very nice to American statelt everything out and add some worth to the lighter areas so for example you can mix some of that value from those darker shadows into the highlighted areas within the middle it's really dedicated and it makes it such a lot faster to mix out your black lead here you'll see me move into and try this untidy burn we've got these free tools that I've mentioned so far first off i'm going in with that mechanical pencil like I aforesaid just to get in the 1st initial layers kind of get within the structure of everything

where all the shadows area unit and leave thereforeme quite white areas of the paper for the highlights then to urge the drawing even darker i am moving into with that darker black lead pencil that i mentioned earlier the 4b one and i've just used that to feature in some more shadow and at last i am stepping into with the blending stump and i am just exploitation that to melt everything out however now it isn't quite dark enough so the fourth tool that i really like to use is that the black polychromos fabric a mode coloured pencil and you might assume a coloured pencil with plumbago that sounds so strange and i thought so but

I was really surprised at how well it works with atomic number 6 it's absolutely amazing it gets those very dark values while not having the maximum amount shine as a 8b plumbago pencil would for example thus I just absolutely love it if you need to get area unitas that are extremely pretty much black in you can just see what proportion darker everything goes and with realism or something which you actually need to start up the page it is vital that you simply get a good distinction and that means that in addition as having bright highlights you need to possess those dark dark values thus you'll be able to simply see however dark it is compared thereto 4b pencil and thus what I needed to use that for is just for the darkest elements of this burn and therefore the hairstyle and you will very see how simply what quantity higher it looks once I've older with the black polychromos pencil it's a cheapish pencil it's solely like one pound one factor like one pound eighty and i recommend that you just just buy one check out you would possibly adore it you might not like him i'd not be your thing but I definitely assume it's like worth just testing out and having it go and what i extremely like similarly is that you just can use the mixing stump to thereforeften that out and mix that that's all your primarily based polychromos pencil still the closing tool that I fully like to use is the Tom mono of Razer is one among the provides that you have probably detected me observe before as a result of it is therefore good for loads of different things it's a really small eraser it's a very little stick eraser thus as a result of it is so tiny it means you'll get those really highlighted details that you simply need to so any little details in like hair or fur this is often absolutely excellent for you'll be able to see however while it lifts off the graphite pencil so for your highlights

I extremely suggest the tombow mono implement all of the materials that I even have Pine Tree Statentioned in this video are listed within the description below for you guys if you wish to ascertain it out another thing i prefer that eraser is that you just also will simply use it to lift areas erase any mistakes you create however as you'll see with this hairstyle i take advantage of it to feature it all of like the extremely shiny glossy areas any very little flyaway hairs that i would like to however one thing is that the tombow mono eraser doesn't very erase the black polychromos moreover because it will the C so it does not erase coloured pencil yet as the carbon you wish to work a small amount more durable however it can erase it and as you'll see it just really helps get that distinction in because with contrast you need the dark values which you get with the black polychromos then again you would like the highlights that you'll get with the tombow mono eraser so here could be a inspect the finished drawing for you guys if you actually want to visualize and find out how I did this drawing in real time then it is offered over on my patreon for you guys the complete real-time issue with voiceover therefore you'll be able to follow beside ME anyway guys that is it for this video if you did relish it ensure to offer it a thumbs up and subscribe for additional tips and tutorial videos in the future however that's it from me and i am going to see you guys in the next one bye everyone

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